All of our judges are selected from the best pipers and drummers from around the world.  Our judges all are top-notch players with wide-ranging experience and expertise as players, teachers, and adjudicators.

Judges for our competitions have included:

Aaron MacLean - N. Ireland
Alan Bevan - Canada
Andrew Bonar - Canada
Andrew P. Hayes - Canada
Andrew Rogers - Canada
Arthur Cooke - Scotland
Black Schmidt - Canada
Brendon Eade - New Zealand
Chris Pollock - N. Ireland
Colin Clansey - Canada
Dani Millar - Canada
David Bowman - Canada
Duncan Millar - Canada
Euan MacCrimmon - Scotland
Gordon J. Brown - Scotland
Gordon Lee - Scotland
Greg Wilson - New Zealand
Iain MacDonald - Canada
J.P. Troy - Canada
J.W. Troy - Canada
James MacHattie - Canada
Jim Kilpatrick - Scotland
John Don MacKenzie - Scotland
Keith Orr - N. Ireland
Keith Paton - USA
Matt Turnbull -USA
Michael Cusack - USA
Michael O'Neil - USA
Mike Cole - USA
Niall Stewart - Scotland
Paul Turner - Scotland
Peter Aumonier - Canada
Richard Hawke - New Zealand
Robert Mathieson - Scotland
Scott Currie - Scotland
Stuart Liddell - Scotland
Terry Lee - Canada
Tyler Fry - Canada
William McCallum - Scotland