Why Online?

The online competition format is a excited and fun way to enjoy the benefits of competition without expensive and time-consuming travel.

Stay relaxed and comfortable without the pressures of live performance.

The video format allows you to take as many tries as you need to get your perfect competition recording.  No more oops moments on the boards.  Just try again until you feel you've nailed it!

Join the world-wide community of pipers and drummers.

Our judges are the best and most experienced pipers and drummers from around the world.  Many are world champions many times over.

Each competitor gets a detailed sheet of comments from our world-class judges.

The online competition is a great way for first-time competitors to learn about the joys and challenges of competition.

Our previous online competitions received over 900 entries from nearly 40 countries -- pipers and drummers of all ages and ability levels.  We're thrilled to be able to expand our events to include pipe band, tenor and bass drumming, and drum fanfare.

The full competition results including videos of the prizewinners are posted for the whole world to see. We hope they'll provide inspiration and motivation for future pipers and drummers for years to come!

Have you competed in one of our online competitions?  Tell us how you enjoyed it!